Sagrada Familia

One can also admire the buildings and constructions of famous architect, Antoni Gaudi, in particular his emblematic cathedral, La Sagrada Familia. For art lovers the Miró Foundation and the Picasso Museum are an absolute must. As occured on previous occasions (the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and the International Exhibition of 1929), Barcelona took advantage of a major world event, the Olympic Games of 1992, to reach its definitive modernisation. Nothing in Barcelona is left to chance: neither the new urban philosophy and its design, nor the growing presence of the city in the world. Everything is due to the singular effort, vitality and constant initiative of its citizens

Right opposite the school you can take the train and in 25 minutes you will be in the centre of Barcelona. This is a city where you can find gothic constructions side by side with the most modern contemporary architecture. It is a place where the economic bustle meets with things intellectual and cultural; where the hills and the sea are ever present. Today’s Barcelona enjoys a particularly rich moment in its life...

It is a city with over 2000 years of history as well as a splendid Mediterranean metropolis. A large part of its long entrepreneurial and industrial tradition springs from its cosmopolitan character. Without a doubt the centre-city pedestrian boulevard known as “Las Ramblas”, is the most lively part of town, an ideal place to get the feel of the city. A stroll through the Gothic Quarter, with its outstanding buildings, is a fine way for the visitor to spend time.