This level is for those students with no prior theoretical or practical knowledge of Spanish. Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, special emphasis being given to speaking skills. By the end of to communicate in Spanish using simple expressions and also comprehend basic conversation.


Learners enter this level with certain notions of vocabulary and basic grammatical structures. The course commences with a revision of the most important structures. At the same time, vocabulary is widened and new structures incorporated into the student’s speech. On completing this level the student is able to express him/herself with relative ease in everyday situations.


This level enables the transition to more sophisticated forms of expression. All forms of the indicative verb tenses are practised and the subjunctive tenses are introduced. In addition, special attention is dedicated to the student’s speaking ability. By the end of the course the pupil is able to express him/herself with fluency in all situations of daily life.

Upper intermediate

Students entering at this level are those who have knowledge of the indicative and subjunctive forms, but still encountering difficulties in their usage. The principal grammatical structures are revised, especially past verb tenses and the subjunctives. The oral ability of the students in Spanish continues to receive special attention. On finishing this level, the students are able to communicate with ease in as much everyday situations as in their professional activities.


At this level any linguistic errors prevailing in the students speech are corrected. Conditional phrases, verb tenses which tend to create confusion, etc., are dealt with. As well, areas of language that prove to be of particular difficulty for the students are revised.