Here we will be placing some links to other websites that we think can be useful.


If you own or manage a website, feel that it can be interesting to our visitors, and you are interested in a link exchange, please contact Eduard Pascual, our webmaster, at or fill and submit this little form:

URL of the home page:
Tittle / link text:
Site description:

Please do not put a keyword list as tittle or description. It's not useful for visitors.
URL of the links' page:
e-mail contact address:
Important: we check PageRank, number of links and size of each link page in order to decide if we link or not to a site. If your link page shows 2 PageRank or less in Google Toolbar (or not PageRank at all), it has more than 150 links or it is bigger than 100Kb, the exchange will be immediately rejected. In the same way, any submission from a site with 5 or more PageRank, less than 80 links and smaller than 70Kb will be automatically accepted. Intermediate sites will be visited and other factors may affect.
(The form is sent as plain text e-mail through an ASP script)

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